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Mezzanine and Platform Racking Systems

Warehouse costs are based on square footage, so effective use of all available space — including vertical space — can mean the difference between profitable operations and a loss. A mezzanine racking system creates more storage space in the same square footage by using the available vertical space.

We can configure freestanding structural steel mezzanines to fit any space, including over machinery, over offices or around building columns. Through the use of mezzanines, it is possible to move supervisory offices, tool cribs, spare parts rooms, inspection rooms or record archive storage off the production floor. To conserve floor-level square-footage and create an efficient process flow, you also can house production operations such as assembly, kitting and return-goods processing on a mezzanine.

Because mezzanines are not permanent parts of the building, they often come under different sections of the building code. Mezzanines are considered capital equipment and may qualify for an accelerated tax write-off, making them an even more attractive solution.

Contact your local Elite Storage representative to learn how a mezzanine racking system can improve square-footage and efficiency in your warehouse.



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