Push Back Rack System | Push Back Pallet Storage Racks
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Push Back Rack System

For materials with little or no time sensitivity, a push back rack system permits high-density storage and flexible picking. A lift truck places each pallet on a cart, which is then pushed back by the next cart of goods stored in the push back rack system. The pallets in push back pallet storage racks can be stored up to six pallets deep.

We recommend a push back rack system for LIFO (Last In, First Out) storage of multiple SKUs with multiple racks per SKU. The push back rack system allows optimum use of space while enabling flexible picking of SKUs as required.

The experienced team at Elite Storage will help you design the right lane depths and SKU zones to optimize your use of storage space and minimize excess material handling for high warehouse efficiency.

Contact your local Elite Storage representative to discover how a push back rack system can improve square footage and efficiency in your warehouse.



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