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Blueprints for Warehouse

Elite Storage Solutions has a team of experienced implementation and project-management professionals to oversee the entire installation process from initial permit through installation for unmatched service.

To start the process, our team gathers details about your operation and load requirements, including:

    Warehouse Information
  • Warehouse location (city, state, country)
  • Facility layout: CAD Drawing (if available)
  • Dimensions: Maximum/ Average (Height, Width, Depth, Weight)
  • Pallet Information (wood/plastic/condition)
  • Details about the warehouse layout
  • Location and condition of all aspects of the building
  • Building columns
  • Lights
  • Fire sprinklers
  • HVAC
  • Dock doors
  • Clear height
  • Floor (level, psi spec. obstructions)
    Product and Storage Information
  • Flow of product through the warehouse
  • Storage duration
  • Bulk materials used in manufacturing or a finished product
  • Number of pallet positions required
  • Time sensitivity (First in, first out, first in, last out, last in, first out)
  • Static Selective Storage (Selective Pallet Rack, Cantilever Rack)
  • Dynamic Storage (Pallet Flow, Push back, Carton Flow)
  • Static Dense Storage (Drive in/Thru)
    Material Handling Equipment in Use
  • Capabilities (lift height, lift capacity, turning radius)
  • Aisle requirements
Rack Mockup

The existing footprint of a facility drives storage product designs and layouts. Elite Storage Solutions uses the latest in AutoCAD technology to review your products and buildings to determine the best storage layout to integrate the product flow and the building layout.

We conform to RMI (Rack Manufacturers’ Institute) specifications in every design to ensure safe and efficient warehouse operations. Our computer aided engineering software (CAD) provides quick response time and guaranteed structural design for selective rack, drive-in/ drive thru rack, push back rack, cantilever rack and carton flow rack systems. The software generates a bill of material (BOM) to eliminate any potential for errors or omissions.

Using our state-of-the-art, high-resolution color plotter, we provide layout drawings to assist our customers in the visualization process. We develop preliminary drawings and revisions in short order, eliminating the long delays experienced with other companies. We even provide engineered stamped drawings in regions where they are necessary for permits or approvals, and we can provide additional drawings when required by local fire and building permit officials.

Elite Storage Solutions prides itself on developing long-term relationships with our customers, so we archive electronic copies of the project drawings for future reference or to provide a head start on future changes and additions. When those future projects arise, Elite Storage Solutions can respond quickly with information about the existing layout and previous capital equipment at the site. Because of the productivity, efficiency and cost benefits, our company believes in storage product standardization. Since we manufacture our own pallet racking systems, you can always get exactly what you need to match your existing infrastructure.

Benefits of Storage Product Standardization

  • Flexibility: You can reconfigure existing product within a facility or organization.
  • Safety: Ensure the safety of your team members and remove any liability that might result mixing products manufactured by different companies with different or unknown load specs.
  • Reduce Cost: Eliminate the need to scrap unusable product because of lack of capacity or lack of compatibility with existing installations.

Elite Storage Solutions offers complete on-site project management to make sure jobs are done on time and to specifications. Our installers take inventory of new products as they arrive at the project site and we commit an experienced supervisor to every project. Frequently, one of our senior management is present for large, complex installations.


Elite Storage Solutions has nationally recognized in-house experts to conduct safety audits on a regular basis. We perform audits for warehouse equipment such as forklift trucks, battery chargers, changers and other equipment as well as for structural racking.

The results of an audit can help determine whether you need to invest in new mechanical or structural equipment. Audits also identify abuse and can help quantify remaining useful life for budget planning and insurance purposes. Elite Storage Solutions will also perform structural audits to investigate the effects of rack re-profiling, and identify any damage or code changes.

Knowing your warehouse operation can pass a safety audit provides peace of mind that you have done all you can to protect the workers on your team while optimizing productivity and efficiency in your operations.

For more information on Elite Storage Solutions products and service, contact us.



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